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Open Doors, Bacteria Free

Minimise the Risk

No Hands eliminates the need to make unnecessary contact with door handles. Door handles are regularly exposed to bacteria and viruses through surface contamination.


Did you know?

Research indicates that door handles are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and germs. A new study suggests that the novel coronavirus can survive on some surfaces up to three days.

No Hands door openers offer an effective way to ensure people have a hygienic option to open and close doors.


Strong Industrial Standard

No Hands are made with strong industrial stainless steel. Valley Precise Global, a subsidiary of the Precise Advanced Manufacturing Group, proudly manufactures heavy duty devices for clients such as Mercedes Benz, Nissan and the US Navy.

No Hands is 100% Australian designed and manufactured.


Easy Installation

No Hands comes with 3 heavy duty screws for installation. All you need is a drill, a screw driver and an Allen key!